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Point and Continuous Level Measurement with JUMO NESOS

With the JUMO NESOS product series, JUMO is introducing devices for point level measurement using a float and reed contact to the market for the first time. JUMO is also doing so for level measurement using a float and reed chain.

JUMO has already been producing the high-quality floats as a core element for these devices for around 40 years. Therefore, the combination of JUMO's high level of measurement technology expertise with market changes made the step towards a complete product a logical consequence. The devices are "made in Germany" – developed and produced in Fulda.

In JUMO NESOS devices, a float with an integrated magnet uses its magnetic field to switch one or more reed contacts at rising or falling levels.

The tried-and-tested measurement method excels due to its robust technology, cost-saving installation, and assembly. It is also maintenance-free and has a very good price-performance ratio. The measurement can take place in liquid media irrespective of foam formation, conductivity/permittivity, or pressure ratios.

JUMO NESO devices for point level measurement can be used in a wide temperature range from -52 to +240 °C. The devices stand out with a high switching point accuracy of ±2 mm. Additionally the optional installation of a temperature switch, as well as a Pt100 or a Pt1000 temperature sensor, is possible. The switching operation is contact-free, wear-free, and requires no auxiliary energy. During maintenance, the selected setup of the products means that a check can be carried out quickly.

Additionally JUMO NESOS devices for level measurement offer a virtually continuous standard signal from 4 to 20 mA and a temperature range of -52 to +200 °C. The resolution is up to 5 mm. Optional versions with Pt100 or Pt1000 temperature sensors are available.
Approvals for shipbuilding and/or explosion-protected areas as well as a certificate for the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) are available. As a result, the products can be used in many industrial and process engineering applications.

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