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JUMO unterstützt seine Kunden über den gesamten Produktzyklus. Deshalb bieten selbstverständlich auch die Kalibrierung unserer Sensoren zur Messung der Feuchte an. Diese muss regelmäßig durchgeführt werden, um zu gewährleisten, dass die Messgeräte entsprechend ihrer technischen Daten arbeiten und somit die optimale Leistung für Sie erbringen.

Accurate humidity measurement is important

If air or different materials are exposed to humidity, the humidity has an effect on many of their properties. Monitoring and measuring humidity levels is important if effects such as condensation, corrosion, mold growth, warping, and pollutants are to be prevented for products.

Humidity has to be measured in industries that produce and sell food, pharmaceutical products, chemicals, fuels, wood, textiles, and paper. Museums, art galleries, data centers, hospitals, research labs, and semiconductor manufacturers are other institutions/companies for which measuring humidity is of vital importance.

Accredited calibration of humidity measurement quantities:

  • Hygrometer for direct measurement of humidity also with transmitter and data logger in the laboratory
  • Temperature and climate cabinets (humidity) in the laboratory and on site

Our services

  • Calibration according to the valid DKD guidelines
  • Issuing of a calibration certificate (documentation of the calibration results)

Your benefits

  • International comparability and recognition of accredited calibrations avoids costs due to multiple assessments
  • Fewer product defects or recalls
  • Greater customer confidence in the quality of your products and services

Your contact person

Humidity Calibration

Javier Corisco +34 620 728 769 +34 620 728 769