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JUMO Spain and the MASTERD University sign a collaboration agreement around the liquid analytics industry

JUMO and MASTERD come together to promote training and employability in automation and industrial maintenance

The educational group MasterD, leader in distance learning and preparation of national competitive examinations with more than 60,000 students per year, and JUMO Control S A (JUMO Spain), one of the leading suppliers of sensors and automation solutions, have signed an agreement that aims to establish a framework for collaboration to provide students with the knowledge, functionalities and advantages that liquid analysis equipment offers to the industry.

The agreement was signed by the leader of MasterD Institute of Technology, Armando Guerra, and the General Manager for JUMO in Spain, Rainer Molina.

The program allows teachers and students to learn about and get first-hand access to equipment used in the field of liquid analytics.

With this agreement and in order to bring students closer to the industrial automation industry in a practical way, JUMO Spain is committed to giving lectures, creating informative workshops and sharing technical documentation to train teachers and accompany students in the challenges of the new educational curriculum.

On the other hand, with this agreement JUMO Spain offers the possibility of visiting its facilities located in Madrid, as well as the possibility of accessing scholarships and emerging positions with the opportunity to gain professional experience in an international company.

Both the educational group MasterD and the JUMO SPAIN team highlighted the interest of this collaboration, which advances in the objective of strengthening ties between training and business in order to improve the employability and access to the labor market of society.


Por otro lado, con este convenio JUMO Spain ofrece la posibilidad de hacer visitas a sus instalaciones situadas en Madrid, así como la posibilidad de acceder a becas y puestos emergentes y tener la oportunidad de adquirir una experiencia profesional en una empresa internacional.

Tanto el grupo educativo MaterD como el equipo de JUMO SPAIN destacaron el interés de esta colaboración, que avanza en el objetivo de estrechar lazos entre formación y empresa y mejorar la empleabilidad y el acceso al mercado laboral de la sociedad.

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