IT Specialist (m/f/d) Application Development

Do you enjoy working with computers? Do you want to become a computer professional so that you can contribute on a daily basis to simplifying and improving the work of your colleagues in the various functional areas of the company? Do you enjoy familiarizing and training other employees with your developments and problem solutions? Then the profession of IT specialist (m/f/d) - application development might be just right for you.

possible departments & tasks
Team Notes database development and modification
Team IT development programming with Java, further development of existing programs
Team Statistics data export from ERP systems, creation of database structures using SQL database language
Team First Level Support initial qualification of tickets, telephone support, consulting and training of employees





  • Very good secondary school diploma or good to very good (technical) high school diploma
  • good performance in mathematics, German and English
  • Interest in mathematical-technical tasks and work processes
  • experience and pleasure in dealing with electrical media
  • Independence, ability to work in a team, commitment and reliability

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"As a family company that is well-known in the region and which offers me a secure training position, JUMO was my first choice."

2nd year of training

"I think it's good that my activities in training are appropriate to my level of development, so that I'm not over- or under-challenged."

3rd year of training


Please send us your application by e-mail in a PDF document.

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